Innovative exclusive products

Innovative exclusive products
Medical technologies and innovations are progressing day by day, and population growth is increasing the demand for medical needs. In this regard, Akmal Pharm decided to develop a new level of exclusivity and innovation. This allows the population to be closer to the innovations of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

A few years ago, large distributors preferred to stay away from the process of introducing new medicines and products to the market, but recently the situation has started to change. Distribution companies at the national level began to offer their business partners (manufacturers) coordinated interaction in promotion.

In Uzbekistan, distributors play a very important role in promoting innovative medicines and medical products. Wide promotion of new drugs is impossible without deliveries by key distributors to 30-50% of pharmacies in selected regions. The success of promoting an innovative drug directly depends on the scheme of interaction between the manufacturer-distributor-pharmacy-end user.

As a distributor, we predict changes in demand and build inventory in advance based on sales experience and market forecasts.

We offer involvement as a distribution company in the product promotion process due to the joint collection and analysis of marketing information, sales forecasting. We can participate in the promotion process not only by ensuring the availability of the product, but also by conducting sales promotion actions for pharmacies and health care centers. The wholesale link has a wide network of centralized channels for exchanging information with the pharmacy: sales representatives ‘ visits, price lists, e-order systems, presentations and seminars for pharmacies, corporate publications, etc. These channels can be used with great economic efficiency to inform pharmacies about the product and get feedback.

The interest of the wholesaler in obtaining exclusive rights is obvious, but the manufacturer can also get tangible benefits from this:

– First, the distributor is motivated to make every effort to successfully promote the product.

– Secondly, exclusive distribution makes the delivery channels more transparent, and makes it possible to deal more effectively with counterfeiters and gray imports.

– Third, it is possible to control and, if necessary, promptly adjust the price level in all major markets.

We integrate into the marketing strategy that the manufacturer lays down and participate in co-marketing. More precisely, the distributor can give the marketing specialist of the manufacturer new tools that can be used to “real-time” manage the promotion of the product to our market.