Innovative exclusive products

Innovative exclusive products Medical technologies and innovations are progressing day by day, and population growth is increasing the demand for medical needs. In this regard, Akmal Pharm decided to develop a new level of exclusivity and innovation. This allows the population to be closer to the innovations of medicine and...

Specialized women’s center

For the beautiful half of humanity, we have created a unique center where they can completely relax and trust real professionals. Depending on the results of the diagnosis, specialist doctors guide and refer patients. In the women's world of beauty and health, there are: a fitness room, a diet...

Company Laboratory

We are really proud of our laboratory, which was founded in 2017. For ultrasound, analysis, we use modern equipment expert class and reagents of the best manufacturers. (more…)

Company Call Center

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of qualified operators, we can advise the client for free about the availability of a particular drug, as well as provide the opportunity to deliver it to the specified address. (more…)